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9.1. Creating a Record Set

Create a record set from the Polaris Shortcut Bar

Follow these steps to create a new record set from the Polaris Shortcut Bar.

1. Select File, New, click or press CTRL + N.

You can create a record set directly from the Polaris Find Tool. Search for the records, and select the ones you want from the results list. Right-click on the highlighted records, and select Add to Record Set, New from the context menu.

The New dialog box appears.

2. Select Record Set from the Objects list, and click OK.

The New Record Set dialog box appears.

3. Select the record type in the Record Type box, and click OK.

An empty New Record Set workform appears.

4. Type a name for the record set in the Name box.

5. Specify a person or library as the record set owner in the Owner box.

Only the owner can modify the record set. If the owner is an organization, all the staff members of the organization can modify the record set.

6. (Optional) Describe the purpose of the record set, or type other relevant information, in the Note box.

7. Add records to the record set.

The Number of records box increments.

8. Select File, Save, press CTRL+S.

The following message appears in the status bar: The record set was saved successfully. Polaris assigns a control number to the record set, which appears in the title bar.

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