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9.2. Adding Records to A Record Set

Add records to a record set

Follow these steps to add records to a new or existing record set.

You can use the Find Tool to search for an existing record set by the record set name or owner.

1. Open the Record Set workform for a new or existing record set.

If you are adding bibliographic records to a record set, you can preview the records that appear in the Find Tool results list.

2. Use one of the following methods to add the records:

You can add records from the Find Tool results for all types of record sets. The option to add records by scanning barcodes is available only from a patron record set or an item record set.

: Select Tools, Add (and Search from an item or patron record set), press CTRL+E, or click. The Polaris Find Tool appears. Search for the record, and select it from the results list.

: Select Tools, Add, Scan, press CTRL+K.

The Scan Barcode dialog box appears, in which you scan the barcode (or type the barcode and press ENTER).

The selected record is listed in the Record Set workform. The Number of records box increments.

3. Repeat the previous step to add additional records.

4. If you scanned records, click Close on the Scan Barcode dialog box when you are done scanning.

Record added appears in the status bar.

5. Select File, Save, press CTRL+S.

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