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9.3. Making Bulk Changes

Bulk change item records

Follow these steps to make the same change to multiple item records.

1. Open the record set containing the item records you want to change.

The Record Set workform appears.

2. Select Tools, Bulk Change, press CTRL+B.

The Item Record Bulk Change dialog box appears.

3. Select one of the tabs in the work form to change fields for all the item records in the record set.

5. Click OK or press Enter to start the bulk change process.

The Summary of Changes message box displays the following details:

: The number of item records to be changed

: The name and owner of the record set that contains the item records being changed

: The error record set name and owner, if the error record set is requested

: The path and file name specified for the bulk change report

: A summary of all the fields to be changed and their new values

If you want to return to the Item Record Bulk Change dialog box to change any of your settings, click Cancel.

6. Click Continue.

The bulk change process applies the changes to the item records, and a message appears when the bulk change process is finished.

7. Click OK to close the message box.

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