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Polaris Training and Procedures

1. Logging into Polaris

1.1. Starting off





KW: Logging into Polaris, Remote Desktop Connection, Starting your session, Remote Desktop settings, password



1.2. Changing Your Password

KW: Changing your password, Logging into Polaris



2. Registering Patrons

2.1. Initial Registration Page



KW: Registering new patrons, registration page, updating patron information, creating associations


2.2. Patron Codes / Birth Dates

KW: Registering patrons, patron codes, birth date


2.3. Adding Addresses

KW: Registering Patrons, Adding Addresses, Address

2.4. General Tab

KW: Registering Patrons, General Tab


2.5. Status Tab

KW: Registering patrons, status tab, blocks, money owed

2.6. Duplicating a Patron Record

KW: Registering patrons, Duplicating a patron record

2.7. Creating Associations

KW: Registering patrons, creating associations, links

3. Find Tool

3.1. Doing a Basic Search

KW: Find Tool, Doing a basic search, Item record search, Bibliographic record search

3.2. Setting up a Search

KW: Setting up a search, Find tool, Type of search

3.3. Limit By

KW: Limit by, Find tool, Setting up a search

3.4. Setting and Using Search Results

KW: Setting and using search results, Find tool

3.5. Set Find Tool Results Limits

KW: Set find tool results limits, Find tool, retrieval limit, sort results, use initial articles

3.6. Print Search Results

KW: Print search results, Find tool

4. Checking Out Items

4.1. Checking Out

KW: Checking Out, Checking out items, check out work form, patron barcode box, special loan period

4.2. Check Out Options

KW: Checking out items, Check out options, Circulation messages

4.3. Resetting Due Dates

KW: Resetting Due Dates, Checking Out Items, Patron status screen, calendar

4.4. Create an On-The-Fly (OTF) Item at Checkout


KW: OTF, On the Fly, Inter Library Loan OTF

4.5. OTF Procedures

4.6. Working with Quick-Circ Items




KW: Quick-circ, Creating quck-circ template, Quick-circ Reporting

4.7. Setting Up Your Receipt Printer


KW: Receipt Printer Set-up, Setting up your Receipt Printer

5. Checking In Items

5.1. Check In - Normal Mode


KW: Check in, Normal Mode

5.2. Fines


KW: Fines, Charge Account, Waive

5.3. Messages


KW: Messages, Holds Messages, Item does not belong in this branch.

5.4. Check In - Bulk Mode


KW: Check in, Bulk Mode

5.5. Check In - In House


KW: Check in, In-House

6. Patron Status

6.1. Description of Icons


KW: Patron Status Toolbar

6.2. General View


KW: Patron Status, General View, G

6.3. Items Out View


KW: Items Out View, Paron Status

6.4. Claims View


KW: Patron Status, Claims View, Claim Returned, Lost, Claim Never Had

6.5. Holds View


KW: Patron Status, Holds View, Holds, Interlibrary Loans, Grouping Holds

6.6. Reader Services View

KW: Patron Status, Reader Services View, Reading History

6.7. Associations View


KW: Patron Status, Associations View, Patron Associations

6.8. Notes View


KW: Patron Status, Notes View, Patrons Notes

7. Patron Accounting

7.1. Accessing Account Data for a Patron


KW:Patron Accounting, Account Data, Account Features, Waive Fines,

7.2. Notice History


KW: Accounting Notice History, Account Transaction List

7.3. Viewing Completed Account Transactions


KW: View Complete Account Transactions, Completed Transactions

7.4. Display a Transaction's History


KW: Display Transaction History, Transaction History, Account History

7.5. Processing Charges and Payments


KW: Processing Charges, Processing Payments


7.6. Creating a Manual Charge


KW: Creating Manual Charge, Charging an account

7.7. Paying Charges From the Account View

7.8. Waiving Charges From the Account View


KW: Waiving Charges, Waive Fees, Waive Fines

7.9. Create an Credit Manually


KW: Create a Credit, Credits

7.10. Refund a Credit Amount


KW: Refund a Credit, Credit Dialog Box,

7.11. Refund or Credit Completed Payment Transactions

7.12. Make a Deposit on a Patron Account


KW: Deposits, Deposit on Patron Account, Account Deposits

7.13. Return, Forfeit, or Credit Deposits


KW: Return, Forfeit, Credit Deposits

8. Placing Holds

8.1. Single or Consecutive Hold Request


KW: Hold Requests, Holds, Activation, Expiration, Consecutive Holds

8.2. Multiple Patrons, One Title


KW: Multiple Patron, Hold Requests, Multiple Hold Requests

8.3. Processing Holds Requests (Request Manager)


KW: Processing Holds, Request Manager

8.4. Hold Request Terminology


KW: Hold Terminology

9. Working with Record Sets

9.1. Creating a Record Set

Create a record set from the Polaris Shortcut Bar

Follow these steps to create a new record set from the Polaris Shortcut Bar.

1. Select File, New, click or press CTRL + N.

You can create a record set directly from the Polaris Find Tool. Search for the records, and select the ones you want from the results list. Right-click on the highlighted records, and select Add to Record Set, New from the context menu.

The New dialog box appears.

2. Select Record Set from the Objects list, and click OK.

The New Record Set dialog box appears.

3. Select the record type in the Record Type box, and click OK.

An empty New Record Set workform appears.

4. Type a name for the record set in the Name box.

5. Specify a person or library as the record set owner in the Owner box.

Only the owner can modify the record set. If the owner is an organization, all the staff members of the organization can modify the record set.

6. (Optional) Describe the purpose of the record set, or type other relevant information, in the Note box.

7. Add records to the record set.

The Number of records box increments.

8. Select File, Save, press CTRL+S.

The following message appears in the status bar: The record set was saved successfully. Polaris assigns a control number to the record set, which appears in the title bar.

9.2. Adding Records to A Record Set

Add records to a record set

Follow these steps to add records to a new or existing record set.

You can use the Find Tool to search for an existing record set by the record set name or owner.

1. Open the Record Set workform for a new or existing record set.

If you are adding bibliographic records to a record set, you can preview the records that appear in the Find Tool results list.

2. Use one of the following methods to add the records:

You can add records from the Find Tool results for all types of record sets. The option to add records by scanning barcodes is available only from a patron record set or an item record set.

: Select Tools, Add (and Search from an item or patron record set), press CTRL+E, or click. The Polaris Find Tool appears. Search for the record, and select it from the results list.

: Select Tools, Add, Scan, press CTRL+K.

The Scan Barcode dialog box appears, in which you scan the barcode (or type the barcode and press ENTER).

The selected record is listed in the Record Set workform. The Number of records box increments.

3. Repeat the previous step to add additional records.

4. If you scanned records, click Close on the Scan Barcode dialog box when you are done scanning.

Record added appears in the status bar.

5. Select File, Save, press CTRL+S.

9.3. Making Bulk Changes

Bulk change item records

Follow these steps to make the same change to multiple item records.

1. Open the record set containing the item records you want to change.

The Record Set workform appears.

2. Select Tools, Bulk Change, press CTRL+B.

The Item Record Bulk Change dialog box appears.

3. Select one of the tabs in the work form to change fields for all the item records in the record set.

5. Click OK or press Enter to start the bulk change process.

The Summary of Changes message box displays the following details:

: The number of item records to be changed

: The name and owner of the record set that contains the item records being changed

: The error record set name and owner, if the error record set is requested

: The path and file name specified for the bulk change report

: A summary of all the fields to be changed and their new values

If you want to return to the Item Record Bulk Change dialog box to change any of your settings, click Cancel.

6. Click Continue.

The bulk change process applies the changes to the item records, and a message appears when the bulk change process is finished.

7. Click OK to close the message box.

10. Adding Items to the Collection

10.1. Adding item Records to a Bibliographic Record



KW: Adding Item Records, Adding Items, Create Item Records, New Item Record, Item Templates

11. Reports and Notices

11.1. Where to locate Reports & Notices


KW: Reports, Notices, Utilities

11.2. Reports and Notices in Polaris as Compared to Dynix


KW: Dynix, Reports Compared

11.3. Saving Reports


KW: Saving Reports, Saving Documents

12. Logging off

12.1. How to


KW: Logging Off, Log off

13. Shortcut Keys

13.1. List


KW: Shortcut Keys, Shortcuts

14. FAQs

14.1. Patron Accounting

14.2. Check-Out

14.3. Check-In

14.4. Holds

14.5. OPAC

14.6. Patron Registration

14.7. Reports

15. Finding More Help

15.1. Within Polaris